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Kanpur University

Kanpur University ( Kanpur University - )

Kanpur University Courses offered:
Kanpur University offers courses in the fields of Education, Language, Pharmacy, Management Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communication, Bioscience and Biotechnology, Fine Arts and Painting, Music, Physical Education, Engineering and Technology, Paramedical Science and Library and Information Science. It also has a department of research and a special division offering a Master’s Degree in Social Work. ( Kanpur University - )
Type of University: State University ( Kanpur University - )

Kanpur University Facilities:
Kanpur University offers the best facilities to its students. It has a large auditorium for seminars and cultural events. There is also a library which is a vast resource of required information and also a digital library. Apart from these, there is a high end computer center, lecture hall complex, guest houses, multipurpose hall, bank, cafeteria, international center and helipad. ( Kanpur University - )

About Kanpur University:

Also known as the Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur University is originally an offshoot of the Agra University. ( Kanpur University - ) Located in the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh, this place has always been the seat of enriched education and learning. Moreover, the city that it is situated in is in fact laced with historical landmarks. Kanpur’s unique flavor lends the University a ground for imparting a solid base to its students. The University came into existence in 1966 and now have over 170 colleges under its affiliation. The university is also aware of the duties that it has to do for the society. For this purpose, it has a Women’s Center and a department of
Kanpur University Adult and Continuing Education. ( Kanpur University - )

With the aim of providing world class education to all students and enlightening them wisdom that is divine, this university is doing great work in the field of education. It also introduces new courses in its structure from time to time keeping in mind the demands of the present times. Equally interesting is the innovative technique of teaching that is employed in this university. In order to provide positive stimulus to its students, this university has a host of medals which are awarded for outstanding performance. For example, there are the Chancellor’s Medals for best performance in the bachelor’s and Master’s courses. There are also a host of sponsored medals like the Dr. Bal Mukund Gupta Gold Medal, Shri Hira Lal Khanna Gold Medal and the Lady Ansuiya Singhania Gold Medal. ( Kanpur University - )
The colleges that are affiliated to this university are DAV College, Kanpur, Janta College, Bakevar, Jyoti Institute of Biotechnology, Deopalpur, Kanpur, Prajyendu Misra Postgraduate College, Deopur, kanpur, Royal Prudence Degree College, Lakhimpur-Kheri. ( Kanpur University - )

The Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur, has been on the map of higher education for more than three decades. Established in 1966, it has not looked back, now it has 170 affiliated colleges in 15 districts. Spreading over a campus of 264 acres, the university is booming with academic activities. ( Kanpur University - )While the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in all disciplines of Art, Science, Commerce, Law, Engineering and Medicine are offered in affiliated colleges and institutions, the residential wing of the campus includes faculties of Life Sciences, Business Management, Education and English. It also has a computer centre, a department of Adult and Continuing Education, Communication and a College Development Council.( Kanpur University - ) For catering to the needs of young engineering aspirants, the university has recently started an Institute of Engineering and Technology in the campus offering courses in four branches of engineering viz. Chemical, Computer Science and Information, Mechanical Engineering in the first instance. The university seeks to contribute to student an education through curriculum design, the development of new courses and the application of a forward looking and innovative teaching methodology. Kanpur, the industrial capital of U.P. and commonly known as the Manchester of Northern India has had a very eventful history.( Kanpur University - ) It has contributed much to the growth and economic development of the country. Equally memorable and inspiring is its role in the first Indian War of Independence.

Kanpur University Work Culture ( Kanpur University - )

The modus operandi of the teachers, students and administrators of campus is work culture. This is in built as one becomes a member of the campus. ( Kanpur University - )

The University is also unique in that it has more than 4 dozen most modern, socially relevant professional and job oriented courses drawing students from distant corners of the Country. The courses have been designed according to needs of 21st Century and at par with the global demands. ( Kanpur University - )

The courses are revised and updated every three years through the Board of Studies, Academic Council and Executive Council. ( Kanpur University - )

The University has also after modification from Board of Studies has adopted UGC’s Curriculum Development Committee recommendations on new courses.( Kanpur University - )

The University is unique as it is quick to respond to the global challenges and now it can boast to be globally competitive with the best infrastructure including buildings, lecture halls auditorium, laboratories available for favorable academic output. ( Kanpur University - )

The University Campus is also unique as the guiding philosophy of each of its department and faculty is full of quality and excellence. Untiring and sustained committed efforts are being made by faculty to be recognized by its quality and excellent academic out put in teaching and research. ( Kanpur University - )

The Automation and Computerization have entered the campus in an incredible manner. ( Kanpur University - )

A most modern Computer Centre (2001) upgrading the existing system (1991) with latest configuration has been established. Latest Computer Systems, Line-printers, Laser Jet-printers, Desk Jet- printers, Scanner, CD-writer, Zip-drives etc. and internet facility are available with the Computer Centre to serve the university. ( Kanpur University - )

( Kanpur University - ) Affiliated Colleges

Christ Church College,Kanpur
P.P.N.PG College,kanpur
DAV College, Kanpur
Janta college, Bakevar
Jyoti Institute Of BioTechnology,Deopalpur, Kanpur ( U.P.)
prajyendu misra post graguate college, deopur, kanpur(U.P.)
Royal Prudance Degree College, Lakhimpur-Kheri (U.P.) India
DBS College Govind Nagar Kanpur (u.p.)
BND College Kanpur (u.P.)
S.N. Sain College Kanpur

Medical Colleges & Unani Colleges

Technological Institutes

Management Institutes


Contact Details: ( Kanpur University - )

Name: Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University
Address: 4/277 Kalyanpur Road, Kanpur – 208024, Uttar Pradesh, India
Web URL:
Phone Number: ++ 91 512 24 3301

( Kanpur University - )
Dr. S.K. Dwivedi
System Manager, Computer Centre
CSJM University, Kanpur
Ph.: 91-512- 2572553 (Off.)

( Kanpur University - )
Dr. R.C. Katiyar (Director)
Institute of Business Management,
CSJM University, Kanpur
PH.: 91-512- 2571588 (Off.)

( Kanpur University - )
Dr. Mrs. Sushma Tiwari
Faculty Member
Institute of Engineering & Technology,
CSJM University, Kanpur
PH.: 91-512- 2570636 (Off.)

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